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Our Mission

1. Pursues a personal relationship with Jesus
2. Demonstrates knowledge of the Bible in making choices
3. Exhibits Christian character traits
4. Uses his/her gifts to serve God and others

A Life-Affirming Person who:
5. Practices a healthy lifestyle
6. Displays good manners and respect for others

An Academic Achiever who:
7. Makes acquiring knowledge and wisdom a personal priority
8. Works effectively as an individual and in a group
9. Strives for excellence in every endeavor

A Skillful and Discerning Communicator who:
10. Listens actively and respectfully
11. Reads with comprehension
12. Analyzes and evaluates information from a Christian perspective
13. Speaks and writes clearly and effectively

A Disciplined Learner who:
14. Follows directions accurately and completely
15. Gains and applies problem-solving skills
16. Practices organizational and time management skills
17. Uses current technology appropriately

A Community-Minded Individual who:
18. Contributes to family, school, and society positively and productively
19. Lives as a responsible citizen who appreciates diverse cultures

20. Protects and improves the environment as stewards of God’s creation





 Waolani Judd Nazarene School

408 N. Judd St.Honolulu, HI 96817