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How old does my child have to be to enter your program?
Students enrolling in our three-year-old or four-year-old program must be turning three or four respectively by December 31st of the school year in which they are seeking enrollment.  

How soon can I submit my application?
Applications for preschool 3’s and 4’s are accepted beginning in January the year prior to your child entering our program.  (This means, you may submit your application approximately 1- years before your child begins school in August.) 

Do you only accept new students in the fall?
Enrollment is available throughout the year based on availability. 

Notes: Preschool – Our preschool classes are usually completely full before we being the school year in August.  However, we have had cases where positions became available at the last minute. Should a space be made available during the school year, we will contact those on our waiting list to see if they are still interested in attending WJNS.

Elementary/Intermediate – Our preference is that new students begin the school year with us in August.  However, students may request admissions during the school year.  If space is available, our director of admissions will instruct families to follow the steps listed under admissions overview.

How do I obtain an application?
An application can be obtained online here. The $50 application fee must be mailed or brought in to WJNS in order for your application to be complete.  *Please indicate your child’s first and last name in the “Memo” section of your check.

How do I schedule a tour/meeting?
A tour of WJNS is a necessary part of the admissions process.  Preschool and kindergarten tours are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 8:30 and 10:00 am and allow families an opportunity to see our classes in session. Tours for grades K-8 may be scheduled at alternative times or dates. Tours can be scheduled by calling our school office at 531-5251.

Are any students given priority in the admissions process?
Yes, students who have siblings who currently attend WJNS; whose siblings or parents are alumni of WJNS; those with parents who are currently employed by WJNS; and students whose parents regularly attend Honolulu First Church of the Nazarene or another local Nazarene church are given preference in the admissions process.  (These individuals are not automatically admitted and must also follow the necessary admissions process.)
Do you offer any type of tuition assistance?
WJNS works to keep tuition costs down for all our school families.  We do not offer any type of individual scholarships, but we do offer a tuition discount for those who have multiple children attending WJNS.  

Do you accept financial aid or other types of state and/or federal tuition assistance?
Yes, we accept tuition assistance. Please call the school office for more information.
When is the application deadline?
Priority application deadline is January 31 for all programs, preschool, elementary, and middle school.  If space is available, students applying by January 31 will be the first to be scheduled for preschool 4’s group readiness sessions, kindergarten assessment, or elementary and middle school testing.
When are assessments and testing done?
Priority testing will be scheduled beginning in late February and ending in March.  Additional assessments and testing will be scheduled as needed.

When do acceptance letters go out?
Preschool 3’s – The first round of acceptance letters are sent out in late February and early March.  (As additional spaces become available, we will continue to mail out letters of acceptance.)  

Preschool 4’s –  Acceptance letters are sent out beginning in the middle of March following our 4 year old readiness sessions.

Kindergarten – Letters regarding admissions for kindergarten will be mailed out in early April.

Grades 1-8  – Letters regarding admissions for first through eighth grade will be sent out after all steps of the application process are complete and teachers have had an opportunity to grade the admissions tests.