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WJNS continues to use the FACTS system for tuition management. Starting in 2011, only online FACTS processing is allowed. 

FACTS online management offers reduced costs to WJNS compared to paper enrollment (mailing costs, manual data input, payment management information, etc.) as well as instantaneous, always-on, accurate information for enrolled families.

* Click Here to Sign in to WJNS FACTS website.

FACTS Enrollment Information: FACTS requires certain information to establish a payment plan. This information includes bank information (name, routing number, accounting number, phone, address) or credit card details (if applicable). Having this information ready when you enroll for the first time or change your payment plan will help greatly. 

FACTS Fees:  Depending on the payment plan you choose, FACTS charges a one time non-refundable fee of up to $43.

FACTS Payment Options:  FACTS offers a variety of payment dates as well as the option to pay for tuition via automatic bank payments or credit card.  Credit card payments will be assessed a convenience fee to cover transaction processing per FACTS guidelines.