After extensive discussions, planning, and prayer, WJNS is ready to begin school with the implementation of new procedures! Mahalo for your flexibility and understanding as we navigate these new waters, and your willingness to be mindful of the greater community's safety. Please see below for the simple guide to our health policy.


Please submit this form by 10:00pm every Sunday evening (or evening prior to the first day of the school week). If all responses are the same for all WJNS siblings, one form submission will suffice for the family. Please list all first names of the students that the submission covers. If some/all responses differ among siblings, please submit a separate form for each child.

If you or anyone in your household is experiencing COVID symptoms, please do not return to school until you have consulted your primary physician and have followed their recommendations. A COVID negative test result or a doctor's clearance note is required upon return to school. If you or anyone in your household/bubble has tested positive for COVID, please quarantine for 10 days. Upon returning, a physician's note must be presented.


If anyone in your household is planning to travel (for work or leisure), you must submit the "Travel Notification Form" below to the WJNS Administrative staff via email at least 72 hours prior to departure. If a parent/household member has an official Work Exemption letter (government, medical, military, flight employees, and any other work-related exemptions), please submit it to the school office so that your child may bypass the clearance plans.

Clearance Plans:

For Interisland Travel:
1) COVID test upon arrival (with negative result), OR
2) 24-hour quarantine

For Domestic Travel:
1) COVID test upon arrival (with negative result), OR
2) 3-day quarantine

For International Travel:
1) COVID test upon arrival (with negative result), OR
2) 5-day quarantine

Please know that the above travel requirements for WJNS are in addition to the State of Hawaii travel requirements. To view, please see this visit: